AFO 23 (2024) AMV Contest Results

Winner's Reel

Best of Show: Ctrl Alt Delete by Mango - Youtube
Best Action: Shizuku by KiRr Youtube
Best Romance: Rose-Colored Love by Keiichiface Youtube 
Best Comedy: Curse Hour by meleechampion Youtube
Best Drama: I'll Be Watching You by ResyAMV Youtube
Judge's Award: Found x Family by Violet_Skies Youtube
Judge's Award: Technicolor by FashionableJellyfish Youtube
Judge's Award: Real Ais Realize Real Lies by Keiichiface Youtube
Judge's Award: severance by kireblue Youtube
Fan Favorite: Run Makoto Run by qwaqa Youtube

Finalists shown at the Convention:

Stadium Love by synaesthesia
Angel May Cry by Bale Wayner
Dance is Good, Yah? by Nukem
Hymn of Eurydice by seasaltmemories14
losing everything by Xola Xander
a world without danger AMV by AMV16
Super Smash Bros. Millennium 2000 by pooper2471

Our Farewell by TritioAFB
Emily Wilde Vibes by TheLazyDaze
Run Away by Lord Rae
Steal The Show by Tyken

You may be entitled to compensation by Dr.Dinosaur
Anya's Life Lessons by SpuddStaaa Youtube
Cowboy Bebop at his computer by Dragonrider1227
The Next Bond by Lelani

Save Me by Lelani Youtube
Awake by brittanyfournier Youtube
Change by genestargsw
Obanai x Mitsuri by Mach10Bicycle

We had over 94 submissions and only 29 could be shown in the allotted time.