1. Q: Do I really have to prepay for the convention that I won't even attend? What if I'm in another country?
    A: Feel free to submit your videos. I cannot guarantee that they will be shown, and preference will be given to paid AFO Attendees for awards. Unless your video is awesome enough to move us up to a different world line. El. Psy. Congroo.
  2. Q: Can I submit a movie trailer or parody?
    A: We are accepting all submissions at this time. However, to be eligible for an award, it must contain Anime footage and abide by the PG-13 rating and other rules.
  3. Q: File Formats seem restrictive, what gives?
    A: This is mainly for making the compilation process easy and artifact-free. You are welcome to submit in any format but you are at the mercy of my encoder as to how it will look on the big screen.
  4. Q: I submitted videos to other local cons in the past, but they weren't shown during the exhibition. Can I still submit?
    A: Of course. If your work has not been shown to the con-going public before, we will make every effort to get it shown depending on time constraints.
  5. Q: Can I submit more than one video?
    A: By all means. We are asking that you limit yourself to 3 videos per entrant to be judged in the contest, but you can submit as many as you like to fill time in the contest exhibition. This is why we ask you to rank your videos so we know which ones you want us to judge and are more meaningful to have considered for showing during the exhibition.
  6. Q: No subtitles at all? What if I added some as like an editor's note?
    A: Ultimately, since you are the Creator of this work, it is totally up to you, so if you feel it is tasteful, it's at your discretion. Creative/Artistic/Comedic license is definitely encouraged.
  7. Q: How do I do *x* in (my video editing program)
    A: I am not familiar with most of these programs, so I regret that I will be unable to help you produce and render your videos. The forums on are a good place to start.
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