AFO 15 AMV Contest Results

So the final results of our 2014 AMV Contest, and bragging rights are as follows:

BEST OF SHOW: Mission Cosplay - "Eden of the Stars" YouTube

BEST ACTION: brandon'sbestvids - "High School of the Walking Dead" YouTube

BEST COMEDY: AquaSky - "The Ballad of Steve" Youtube

BEST DRAMA: Dimensioncr8r - "Say Something Ririchiyo" Youtube

FAN FAVORITE: BakaOppai - "Animu Stew" Youtube

HONORABLE MENTION: sephirothskr - "Divinity and Chaos" YouTube

JUDGES AWARD: SasukechanX - "Under Control" YouTube

JUDGES AWARD: Maboroshi Studio - "Akira - The Signal" YouTube

Winner's Reel