AFO 16 AMV Contest Results

So the final results of our 2015 AMV Contest, and bragging rights are as follows:

BEST OF SHOW: "Settle Down" - Mission Cosplay Studios YouTube

BEST ACTION: "Delusions and Madness" - sephirothskr YouTube

BEST COMEDY: "Grades Never Bothered Me Anyway" - SinKatt YouTube

BEST DRAMA: "Little Do You Know" - Juri AMV Youtube

FAN FAVORITE: "Klassic Television" - Phlashbak

HONORABLE MENTION: "Rei" - sisterbloomers

JUDGES AWARD: "Actual Parasite, Shia Lebeouf" - skijeng

JUDGES AWARD: "Death Note Blank Space" - Sapphie-kun Youtube

JUDGES AWARD: "This Moment Always" - MagicFlier

Winner's Reel