AFO 17 AMV Contest Results

2016 AFO AMV Contest Winner's Reel

The final results of our 2016 AMV Contest, and bragging rights are as follows:

BEST OF SHOW: Human by Neko-AMVs Youtube

BEST ACTION: The Turing Machine by Waldo Youtube

BEST COMEDY: Karamatsu Girls by sisterbloomers

BEST ROMANCE: Clannad: After Story - Who We Are - Julian Moon by marumete Youtube

Honorable Mention: Echo by Juri AMV YouTube

Judges Awards:

This Love - When Two Hearts Meet by Ram4919911 Youtube

Will you lie when I see you in April by Zaber Youtube

Secret Drawing by ThalesEditions Youtube


Scott Sterling MVF (Most Valuable Face) by Maboroshi Studio (jcroasdaile) Youtube

Finalists that were shown at the Contest:
Fun With Someone by AMV X 
Anime Vibes by Lacard 
This Is War by HotaruT 
Ultimate Anime Tribute by HiddenWhiteFang 
Not Afraid To Die by YatoYaboku 
Retro Reflection by WhiteFrozenPetals 
You Got A Kink by HotaruT 
Joysticks AMV by RoachLord 
Anime Randomness 2 by ChocolateCoveredProductions 
Who Will Save You Now by jcroasdaile 
In Flames by brittbrattcatt 
My Medical Life by TritioAFB 
You've Been Lonely by maryjane1913 
End of Summer by momtocutiepia