AFO 18 AMV Contest Results

2017 Winner's Reel

The final results of our 2017 AMV Contest, and bragging rights are as follows:

BEST OF SHOW: Deep End by MinetChan Youtube

BEST ACTION: Numinous by MrNosec Youtube

BEST COMEDY: #TalkSkatingToMe by lunalove125 Youtube

BEST ROMANCE: Dragon Loli by juri amv Youtube

Honorable Mention: Don't Stop Me Now, L by CheeseCakeChik Youtube

Judges Awards:

Let's Party Up! by TheAsian777

Run From Wolves by HiddenWhiteFang

FAN FAVORITE Award: I Really Like You - enstanton Youtube

Finalists shown at the Convention:

Leave it to Fate                    Speedy180      Youtube
Renegade (freedom cry)              Kscarlet  Youtube
One By One                          brittbrattcatt
Oeuvre                              Hiroto      
Everything Black                    Weeb Editor
Re: Seventeen                       TheDestineeAMV Youtube
Sailor Mars                         MinetChan     
Insanimania                         dimensioncr8r
Titans RESURGENCE                   ProjectTwinsAMV Youtube
Yuri on Ice!!! - The Honest Trailer jcroasdaile  Youtube
Gundam Rebels                       Speedy180    
Bromance on Ice                     AquaSky     
A Better Place                      jcroasdaile
My Demons                           HotaruT   
Blue Balls (Tsunderin' Me Up)       KeiichiFace
Love Triangle                       PV AMV    
The Spring I Loved You              TheDestineeAMV Youtube
Becoming Yuri                       maryjane1913