AFO 19 AMV Contest Results

Winner's Reel
BEST OF SHOW: Diamond Sky by zer0_Coo7  | Vimeo

BEST ACTION: Technicolor Dreamer by kireblue   | Youtube

BEST COMEDY: A Dragon Like Me by TheDestineeAMV | Youtube

BEST ROMANCE: King by Kawor00d   | Youtube

Honorable Mention: Is Alois Gay or European? by  Animato| Youtube

Judges Awards:
Champion by NepNep | Youtube
Down the Road by DopplerDo  | Youtube
Familiar by shorisquared   | Youtube

FAN FAVORITE Award: IreQ- I Stay Missing You  (AMV- Berserk) by SavageGhoul711 | Youtube

Finalists shown at the convention:

The City by azvreii| Youtube
Pink Streak by  Hiroto | Youtube
This Is Violet Evergarden by SaminatorDavis | Youtube
Our Way In  by  PaNTSU of d00m | Youtube
Psycho by HotaruT| Youtube
Eternity by TheDestineeAMV | Youtube

Satania Will (not) Survive by PaNTSU of d00m | Youtube
Catsalibur by Roachlord  |

Repair it by Juri AMV   | Youtube
A Stalkers Resolve by Cirera | Youtube
Eternal Existence by Vhenrik| Youtube
Your Lie in April - Tin Man by SaminatorDavis | Youtube
Dreamlike by Juri AMV   | Youtube
Desperado by DopplerDo  | Youtube
Ashes to Ashes by  Mysunsai   | Youtube
300 Million by Vhenrik| Youtube