AFO 21 (2022) AMV Contest Results

Winners Reel

Best of Show: Wonder by TheDestineeAMV YouTube
Best Action: The Hero King's New Clothes by WinterbladeAMVs YouTube
Best Parody: Contemporary Dog by Hikikomori YouTube
Best Drama: Neglect Me Not by Trenzilla YouTube
Judge's Award: I'm (Not) Myself by Sasukechanx YouTube
Judge's Award: Lose You Now by SaminatorDavis YouTube
Judge's Award: Proeliis Liberorum by SilkAMV YouTube 
Honorable Mention: In the Dark by Xanthis14 YouTube- Not Shown due to PG-13 restrictions.
Fan Favorite:  Anime Magic Hour by Faevily YouTube

Finalists shown at the convention:

  Witches Go Hard                              | SilkAMV | YouTube
  Legend                                       | Xanthis14 | YouTube
  Dr. Perseverence                             | TheDestineeAmv | YouTube
  Vance Lance Dance                            | Nashironeko | YouTube
  The Ultimate Emissary                        | pooper2471 | YouTube
  Liberation                                   | mihanbao | YouTube 
  Elemental                                    | Hiroto | YouTube

  Drowning in the Kiddie Pool                  | drewaconclusion | YouTube
  JeremyD                                      | ZeonicFreak | YouTube
  Kill Gill                                    | Speedy180 | YouTube
  Kotomine D&D Club                            | WinterbladeAMVs | YouTube

  Starlighter                                  | UnluckyArtist | YouTube
  All The King's Horses                        | yaseensa YouTube
  my particles                                 | AngelMaeVictory | YouTube
  Wonderful World                              | FadingSundown | YouTube
  Moth in the Cache                            | xyik  | YouTube

We had over 65 submissions and only 24 could be shown in the allotted time.