AFO 22 (2023) AMV Contest Results

Winners Reel

Best of Show: Sayoria	The Neckst Episode Youtube
Best Local Entry: EccentricPeacock	The Tragedy of Finis
Best Action: Shane	Last One Standing YouTube
Best Comedy: CamiChan19	Reading Reincarnation YouTube
Best Drama: DopplerDo	Love is not a Victory March YouTube
Judge's Award: Abyssal Grail (Not shown due to PG-13 Restrictions) YouTube
Judge's Award: Korhal	BOCCHI The All Star YouTube
Judge's Award: Xophilarus	Bad Vibes YouTube
Honorable Mention: fawncon	your guardian angel | killugon YouTube
Fan Favorite: ZeonicFreak	A Thousand Bops YouTube

Finalists shown at the Convention:

Korhal	The Anime Journey YouTube
alwaysdrafts	Horsing Around YouTube
Iren S.S.	This Guy Are Back YouTube
rivalsPhD	nakahara chuuya  a lone sheep
pooper2471	Indestructible - A Smash Ultimate AMV

SilkAMV	Legopunk Brickrunners YouTube
SpuddStaaa	Super Loid Bros YouTube
SaminatorDavis	Spy x Family - Anya The Troublemaker YouTube

Nashironeko	Devil Knows
troubleclef+SeanPNG	Sad Trombone Noises
0_0ghostkai	It Almost Worked (TV Girl) - Death Note AMV
FashionableJellyfish	The C in Chika Stands for Charisma
SilentHero	I'm So In Love
troubleclef	Relationship_Final.MP4
Triton	Blue World
ZeonicFreak	A War in my Pocket
NBXD	Wish You The Best

We had over 76 submissions and only 26 could be shown in the allotted time.